waf - Web Application Framework.

waf is not a content managament suite. It's not an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor for webpages. It's a framework for web developers to use which will (hopefully) simplify their job. It's a set of PHP files that help PHP developers make websites faster and easier.

waf provides basic templating, database abstraction, logging, statistics, authentication and permissions. waf provides some basic assistance functionality, such as HTTP redirects. The framework allows you to utilize multiple templates and create extensive hierarchies of pages. Pages can be designed portably, such that you can reuse them across multiple sites. waf is modular, so you can disable the pieces that you don't use.

Several sites have already been implemented using waf, this being one of them.

Best of all, waf is open source, free as in beer, and free as in speech. waf is distributed under the FSF GPL v3.0. This allows you to use it for free, forever, and to make modifications to it, even to sell it with your modifications. This is compatible with most pay-for-work web development contracts.

This project utilizes a Subversion repository which is available at http://svn.dotordotdot.com/waf/ using the username and password of "guest".

If you have questions or comments about waf, feel free to contact me by email at jonathan@overholt.org.

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