Starting with WAF

Getting started is fairly easy with WAF. You'll need a subversion client to fetch the latest release. The Linux command line to do that will look like this:

svn export new-project

Replace "new-project" with the directory name you want to check out into as your starting point.

This will give you a copy of the current release of WAF into which you'll build your site.

Next Steps

Delete any modules which you have no intention of using (in the assets/waf-core and assets/waf-module directories. If you want to use the database layer you should remove either postconfig.010.db-mysqli.php or postconfig.010.db-mysql.php, as only one should be used.

You'll want to start modifying pages or maybe set up your own template. If you want to use database features, you'll need to set up the database access layer.

This page last updated: Mon Jul 15 19:41:09 2013 (GMT)